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How does plants get enough nitrogen in Organic farming?

How does plants get enough nitrogen in Organic farming?

Chemical farming or inorganic farming and hydroponic farming use synthetic urea in their farms which are given as a supplement for the plants to grow in size and provide nitrogen to help the plant grow.

The image that you see here is Azolla, a plant moss that helps in providing ample nitrogen to the plant. Azolla supplies nitrogen with the help of sunlight enabling the crop to grow healthily.

Azolla grows wildly and requires less water and spreads rapidly to the entire field. And works more efficiently than synthetic fertilizers.

Azolla is cheaper, easy to grow, and works efficiently.

There are many ways where chemical fertilizers can be replaced and naturally available resources can be used in farming.

Stay tuned for more updates about organic farming.

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  • 08/Oct/2020
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