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Navara Rice

Navara Rice

Everyone talks about Organic farming, Organic Food, and there is a really less percentage of consumers who really understand the science behind it. Sadly, many clearly don't know what it takes to be called Organic and what exactly does a farmer do to raise the crop to call it Organic. Hopefully, this creates a little awareness and consumers will check upon their source before they make a purchase.

The images shown below are from our paddy farms and every step is documented to help understand the process better.

Our farms have ample earthworms present in the soil, a clear indication of zero chemicals in them. Organic farming is easier, cheaper, and sustainable, all it takes is a few years of perseverance and post that the farms will take care of itself.

Variety - Navara Paddy
Organically Grown
Location: Farmstop Organic Farms

  • 08/Oct/2020
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