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Alphonso Mango

Alphonso mangoes regarded are widely regarded as “king of mangoes”, they are very sweet in taste with rich aroma with yellow texture.

Banginapalle Mango

Banginapalle mangoes also called as Benishan, the flesh of the fruit is firm and has thin yellow skin, it's has very less fibre.

Rajgira Mango

Rajgira mango, it is also called as Senthora mango. This variety is very sweet in flavour, when dig in eating it will be like relishing honey, pulp of the fruit is soft and it gets melted in mouth

Neelam Mango

Neelam mangoes are tasty with a slight tangy smell, it's late bearing variety and ideally harvested in the month of June, we will be harvesting them in mid of June, This variety ideally comes late in the market.

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Farmstop Organic Farms

Our Organic mangoes are sourced from Farmstop organic farms. We follow strict organic practices to grow them using bio fertilisers and pesticides and there is zero intervention of any chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

Naturally Ripened

They are naturally ripened using age old technique (Covering the fruit with paddy hay in a dark room).
One can use rice boxes to ripen then, this is an other technique used for smaller quantities.

Know More about our farms

Visit or to know more about farmstop organic farms and the organic practices we follow to raise them.

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